Speech, Coaching??

So, What is “Speech Coaching”?

So after so many people have looked at me blank when I have told them I do Speech Coaching not to be confused with Speech Therapy. I plan to do a video or even a podcast on this but over my career on stage and on the radio I have met many people that have required help in all manner with their performances.

Over this time, including some nearly 5000 hours of broadcast radio, I have mastered some skills which have allowed me to give any subject matter the required persona and tone. When I sat back and people told me they liked my delivery of a normally boring or sensitive subject, I thought maybe I can pass this on.

So what have I done? I have taught a whole class at school just before the end of term readings. It involved giving the pupils a boost of their confidence and a few training tips that stopped the robotic reading and the usual looking down at the paper or notes. I have been asked to prepare a wedding speech for someone. I had one client that just couldn’t put their feelings down on paper and thought they would never be able to deliver the speech due to nerves. With a little coaching and consultation, I heard that he actually stood up in front of his guests, who thought he would never do anything like this, and found himself delivering a cracker of a speech!

On the other end of the scale, I have been asked to help out with a Eulogy, yes this is a sensitive one but I found my client really wanted to buck up the courage to deliver their words on that important family day. But finding nerves crushing them and feeling the emotions that come with this type of speech too hard to handle. In the time of mourning, it is very hard to tick the boxes for the eulogy, as a lot of emotions are building up with memories and that feeling of loss.

On the day yes the wobbles and the phone call came through “I can’t do it…..” Into action, calming but positive words to allow the client to just enter that zone that allowed them to get their words out, shocking close family that they have managed to get up there and say those words that they really wanted to. Achieving this, even for me was an amazing feat. I just was amazed that they did it.


Being Dyslexic and not using any punctuation at school and in my early years, I found myself reading not seeing it or just using it too much. Over the years and yes your English teachers might disagree, but I have found a live speech might need different styles of format and punctuation versus reading a book etc.

I’m not trying to re-write the English language but, I have found that what has helped me, is changing formatting on pages and punctuating in certain ways to allow me to deliver the speech in the way that is needed.


Stand Up….

And stand up straight! The number of people you will see struggling to deliver their speech because they have stood up but find themselves looking at the lectern or notes in their hand. There is actually some science in this standing up straight, it opens up the airway and allows you to produce your words in a much stronger manner.



Imagine what would happen if the P.A. was not there or did not work. Imagine when delivering your words that there is no microphone, because there might not be. Speak clearly and use your diaphragm, like you are singing. Take a break, as long as you need, rushing to make the end of the paragraph and running out of steam will cause the volume of your voice to petter off.


Enjoy it……

It’s your time to give your performance to your audience. They are there to see you, take this time to show your emotion, joy or seriousness. If you enjoy your performance the audience will, no matter what the content. Fact.


I hope this blog post has given you an insight into what it is all about. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I offer a free consultation and I can guarantee you will enhance your performance whether it be a family or work event I can help!


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