So, you want to be a Radio Presenter

Before we get to that, I will tell you how my radio career started. With passing the local radio station weekly while listening to the same station in my car. I found myself intrigued by how a radio station worked and the technical aspects behind the door of the station. I started by texting the […]

Top Ten Tips For Public Speaking

  So here I have prepared a few of the tips I give to my clients when coaching, this isn’t everything but I am sure that with this advice you will take your speech to the next level. Prepare It sounds obvious this one but, it sometimes depends on how you prepare. Get friends or […]

That Feeling….

Hmm, a bit risqué you might think but nothing rude here. What I call “The Feeling”, it’s what I have become to yearn. You might find you hate this feeling of fear when you have to perform or even just speak in front of a crowd. I imagine even the biggest live artists and performers […]

Speech, Coaching??

So, What is “Speech Coaching”? So after so many people have looked at me blank when I have told them I do Speech Coaching not to be confused with Speech Therapy. I plan to do a video or even a podcast on this but over my career on stage and on the radio I have […]

Looks Like “Something Good” is about to Happen

New Festival for 2022 A new festival has appeared on the scene for 2022. For the first time “Something Good” will be held in Gorsedd, Holywell, North Wales. It is set to be a jam-packed family fun day for all. I am so excited to be asked to help with this project. After “Festival Towyn” […]